# Plugin Submission

# Checklist

# Ensure that your:

  • plugin is in a GitHub repository
  • repository name/plugin name is not already existing in Duet3D Plugin Repository (opens new window)
  • markdown files are renamed (case-sensitive) as PLUGIN.md, README.md
  • Check the content in markdown files against an online md viewer (opens new window) as sometimes, images might not be displayed correctly
  • If the images are not shown, use the url format https://raw.githubusercontent.com/<username>/<repo name>/<branch>/<path>/<img name>
  • plugin manifest file is renamed (case-sensitive) as plugin.json
  • plugin manifest file size is below 16KB
  • plugin has at least one release
  • plugin release(s) can be downloaded as a zip file. Otherwise the checks will not pass.

# Important Information

  • Your repository name will be the same as plugin id
  • If a PLUGIN.md file exists, it will be used as the homepage of your plugin; otherwise, README.md will be used
  • Tags, keywords will be fetched from the plugin manifest(plugin.json)

# If all of the above is okay: